Feeding Thanksgiving Dinner to the homeless, the economically challenged families and senior citizens

We are having several Thanksgiving Outreaches this year and would like your assistance.
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The Humanitarian Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in Baltimore City. The Humanitarian Inc. offers Community Based Comprehensive Social Services for families, at-risk children, senior citizens, veterans and the economically challanged.
Research confirms what we all learned from our grandparents: Children need healthy food to stay well, grow and develop, especially during the early years when their body and brain growth are most rapid. Data from Children’s HealthWatch on more than 36,000 young children across the country (including more than 5,000 from Baltimore) show that hungry children are sicker, are more likely to need hospitalization, and show more signs of developmental delay than children who have regular meals.
A recent report by the Baltimore City Health Department highlights not only the race and income-based disparities that occur in adult health conditions, such as cardiovascular disorders, but also the challenges that families face in their homes. Concerns about adequate household food and energy — eating and heating — were second only to concerns about mice and rats. The origins of adult health disparities begin prior to birth, with elevated rates of prematurity and low birthweight. Hunger and poor health during early childhood are often the beginning of a pathway of health problems that can extend throughout life. Ensuring adequate nutrition during pregnancy and infancy leads to better health throughout the lifespan, thereby reducing disparities. Preventing health problems is always easier than trying to cure them.

The Humanitarian Inc. will work with local faith based organizations providing food, mentoring, tutoring, counseling and other youth and family services. If You Plant a Seed…it Will Grow.